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Sofia Din, MD

Board Certified Family Medicine & Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine located in Yonkers, NY
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By visiting Juvanni MedSpa®, patients benefit from the expertise of board-certified family medicine doctor and integrative specialist Sofia Din, MD. Serving members of the Yonkers, New York community, the goal of Dr. Din and the team of aesthetic and medical professionals is to help men and women live, work, play, and thrive across longer lifespans, offering skincare solutions, cosmetic injectables such as Botox® and dermal fillers, and microneedling. IV vitamin infusions boost your immune system, so you’re protected from contagious viruses. 

The caring team can also test your metabolic rate and design a personalized weight loss program. For people with chronic conditions, the practice offers evaluations to determine if you qualify for medical marijuana treatments.

The practice has a philosophy and offers a suite of therapies to proactively prevent, slow, or mitigate the onset and effects of aging. Men and women who want to benefit from revolutionary treatments to help them look and feel their best can call the office or schedule their consultation online to learn about the suite of services available.











Juvanni Med Spa® is hosting a non-profit organization for single mothers called Hagar's Foundation. We are committing ourselves to providing mental, physical and financial literacy workshops and services to single mothers and their struggling children. Our services are available to everyone in our community and beyond, but our charitable focus will be on single mothers and their children. We consider them a vulnerable segment of our society, and would like to provide our support to single mothers facing daily challenges and young adults who are at risk of falling below the poverty line and poor health. With your help we can provide support and resources to many woman who need it. It doesn't take much to help someone in need so please donate what you can and let’s make a difference.

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Do we really need Botox?
A Handbook of Anti-Aging Services

by Sofia Din, MD

All proceeds go to Hagar's Foundation for Single Mothers.





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Words from our patients

  • Healthgrades

    "I'm so happy to be going to this medical office for nearly 4 years and i would not change it."

    Nicole R.
  • Google

    "Her facials have revived my skin and her lasers have eradicated my acne. I am forever grateful to Dr. Din and her team!"

    Sabrina B.
  • Google

    "Very nice staff. I will be returning."

    Allison R.
  • Google

    "Wow. Juvanni Med Spa is DA BOMB! Absolutely amazing."

    Liam O.
  • Google

    "I absolutely LOVE the results! I am so grateful I found her and I will definitely be going back to her again!"

    Mail A.
  • Google

    "Was very happy with my treatment. No more Eye bags. Wonderful doctor and staff. Will recommend to family and friends."

    Mariam M.
  • Google

    "Great experience and very friendly and pleasant doctors and staff. I recommend everyone who needs goog quality treatment at reasonable cost."

    Nawaz A.
  • Google

    "My entire family has followed me here, getting various services like laser, facials and massages(they were men). I would recommend this place to everyone."

    Sophia C.
  • Google

    "Dr Din is cool, down to earth and also her staff is friendly and very accessible."

    Shirlen P.
  • Google

    "I feel better about myself ! I would highly recommend dr Din . I trust her completely!"

    Ayesha T.
  • Google

    "I would never use anyone else and will continue to recommend Dr. Din to anyone that is thinking of doing any cosmetic enhancements."

    Joni C.
  • Google

    "You only need to go to Juvanni Medspa once to know that any other Doctor you may know comes nowhere near to Dr. Din's expertise. I have so much trust and faith in her"

    Sarah J.
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