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Another Page From My Botox Diary

Botox rejuvenation

 Today I would like to share my first-ever Botox encounter with you. 

This was over a decade and a half ago, I was overcoming the stress of an unhappy marriage and super busy growing a medical practice while being a mom. 

One morning I found myself staring at my forehead where my skin had started showing permanent creases!

I felt as if time has marched all over my face in the form of lines etched across my forehead. 

I tried several potions and skincare treatments of my favorite stars, I went on beachside vacations but nothing helped. 

Until a friend casually suggested Botox. I quickly made an appointment with a plastic surgeon with whom I was interning and had my first ever shot! 

A week later I saw a decade of stress erased from my face. 

I don’t know if it was love at first shot or if it was the first time that I experienced love for myself, whatever it was: that was the first day I felt that Time halted for my skin, and I regained agency over my skin’s aging. 

A tiny dose of an anti-aging medication brought me relief from looking sad, tired or angry. My frown lines disappeared: even though my problems still remained. 

Botox improved my mood and my motivation to tackle my problems with grace and courage.

Today I am here to tell you that it’s a mistake to be vain about not being vain ! Your beauty and health spans are intricately tied to each other. And Anti-aging medications like Botox or HA fillers can assist you in preserving your perception of self over the entirety of your lifespan and help you enhance your life’s experiences. 

Please check out another snippet from my TEDx talk, the complete version is linked here. 

I would love to hear your feedback. 

Please also check out our Botox special this weekend!

As always I am here to answer any of your skincare questions. You can text or call me at 9143686609


Sofia D.

P.S. Preserving your beauty is never a rush job! But we have to get it done during the rush-itudes of our existence. If you are in a hurry, please let us know; so we can schedule you at a time when you freely able to receive recovery ❤️‍

Sofia Din, MD Sofia Din I have over 25 years of experience working in the healthcare industry in both Eastern and western medical systems. As an immigrant from Pakistan, my medical training has taken place across two continents, which gives me a uniquely holistic perspective while following cutting edge medical advances especially in aesthetic anti-aging. Board-certified in family medicine, and having practiced Geriatrics for almost a decade, my focus and area of passion/expertise is managing anti-aging solutions over decades for my clients. People ask me “what is anti-aging?” all the time. I tell them that it’s the proactive management of their body’s health and wellness which leads to short- and long-term anti-aging and improved quality of the resultant lifespan expansion. I have worked and trained in the rapidly evolving field of Aesthetic Anti-aging medicine over the past decade with hundreds of regular concierge clients coming for routine anti-aging treatments from across United States.

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Components Of Your Anti-aging Code

Your anti-aging code at Juvanni include: 1. Botox: Botox is a muscle relaxer that allows your doctor to help your facial muscles contract less intensely, thereby preventing the skin from forming creases that get permanently etched into it.