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BOTOX: The Time-Honored Bringer of Youth

When we enter into our mature adult years, we start to think about visual signs of aging. Of course, this is the appearance of dynamic wrinkles on our face, forehead, and elsewhere. These fine wrinkles and crow’s feet become much more visible when we perform facial expressions, and they most commonly appear around the corners of the mouth and near the eyes. BOTOX® is the world’s most popular cosmetic treatment for the improvement of skin texture affected by dynamic wrinkling.

This procedure takes only minutes to perform, and the results last for months. It’s truly a fountain of youth, and there’s no surgery, skin ablation, or skin resurfacing involved. We encourage you to learn more about what BOTOX® injections can do to improve both your appearance and your self-esteem.

Targeting Skin Wrinkles

These fine wrinkles developing around your eyes, mouth, nose bridge, and on your forehead are the result of countless thousands of skin pinches caused by muscle contractions. Every time your smile, pout, purse your lips, or narrow your eyes, some skin gets pinched. Over the years, you begin to lose moisture and collagen in your skin, and eventually, the wrinkles and crow’s feet become quite apparent whenever your facial muscles contract. Every time your smile, you suddenly look older. This is what BOTOX® injections can treat. The injectable fluid doesn’t treat the skin directly but rather targets the wrinkles by keeping the skin surface smoother.

The fluid is a purified protein serum that blocks chemical signals sent through the nerve endings. This prevents the upper-level facial muscles from fully contracting. We can target wrinkling around the eyes or mouth by injecting the fluid in a specific area of muscle tissue. This will allow you to make facial expressions just as before, but the dynamic wrinkles are now hardly noticeable.

Simple Injection Procedure

We will examine your facial skin during the consultation. We’ll choose the proper dosage and injection sites. Once injected, the fluid settles into the muscle tissue and moves around a bit. The fluid will affect only the muscle tissue that requires a bit of relaxation. After a few days, you’ll notice that the dynamic wrinkles are far less prominent no matter how much your smile or frown. Sensory nerves aren’t affected, so your face won’t feel numb at all.

Advantages of BOTOX® Treatments

This treatment doesn’t involve direct skin resurfacing, no skin is ablated, and no abrasion is required. This makes the treatment suitable for all skin textures and tones. The effect lasts for about six months, but each subsequent treatment takes only minutes to perform. Many of our clients report better results each time they get injections because the facial muscles are becoming used to being in a mostly relaxed state.

Get In Touch with Us to Find Out More

If you’ve never tried this treatment before, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. You don’t have to look older than you really are, and you probably don’t need a facelift or abrasive resurfacing treatment in order to enjoy satisfying results. To learn more about the positive effects of BOTOX® injections, please feel free to make an appointment with Juvanni Medspa! At our office in Yonkers, our welcoming and devoted team of professionals will be happy to explain the particulars of this process, answer any questions you may have, and help you achieve your unique aesthetic vision. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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