Everyone check out the plasma studies in mount Sinai!! This is Important stuff

Pls everyone check out the plasma studies in mount Sinai !! This is Important stuff

You all will get tested when kits become available and it’s safe to test without getting into insane lines !! Imagine how rich your plasma is!! Will you consider donating your plasma someday (maybe later this year when people will really need it) I have my top five (mom, dad, daughter, sibling, life partner)

what about you guys?

In other words your immune system may help someone’s immune system! Who needs my plasma lol !! I can offer my help to those who I consider my closest family and friends. Choose your top 5 people today !! (They can change as you go on) also make sure you are on someone’s list(and choose your immune support network wisely) since you might need to trust them to live a good quality life )

This maybe a great time to hear my “LA beauty trends 2020 interview” aired on fox!

I am 48 years old female, I don’t smoke , I don’t drink alcohol, I eat real food and stay away from processed crap!! I take high dose vit c, glutathione, B12(methylated) , MIC(methionine, inositol,choline) , in Normal Saline intravenously routinely, I take two 45 mins cold showers daily for mitochondrial health(I missed a couple of showers in the last 6 months because of mental laziness, but mostly because some people recommended taking breaks, which didn’t work for my body)

I meditate twice daily(one hour each time), it’s time-consuming when I was frantically working but nowadays very convenient).

I am also in my routine life a board certified family medical doctor/ geriatrician and I specialize in anti-aging !!so I am always working on this and that. Mostly fun stuff. I am starting to write my second book and that’s why you will probably see me type up a lot on social media. It helps me stay focused. (I follow only those people who are either helping others or scientists , so I am usually focused. But pandemic focus is a different thing. I am finding it hard to focus so I have now taken the help of a monk who is also a chemist to assist me in keeping focus.
And my staff follows my suggestions (usually, mostly, sometimes, but now they are seriously following) so we will be ready if anyone needs help ! We are not here to take care of you, we are here to teach you , how to take care of yourself! 


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