Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair with Laser Hair Removal in Yonkers

If you are like many people in the Yonkers area who are tired of using manual techniques to remove unwanted body hair, you may be interested in learning how you can get rid of unwanted body hair with laser hair removal in Yonkers.

There is a reason why many people are turning to laser hair removal. It is because laser hair removal is extremely effective when it comes to permanently reducing the amount of hair you have on your body. Laser energy can be used in almost any part of your body and it works equally well for women as it does for men.

Laser hair removal is only going to work on your hair when your hair is in its growth stage. This is surprising for many people because most do not realize that human hair grows in a cyclical manner. For this reason, you may need multiple sessions that are spaced around one month apart in order to permanently reduce the hair growing on your body.

With laser hair removal, it’s typically recommended that you shave the part of your body you’re going to treat a couple of days before the treatment. When you are actually coming in for the treatment, the practitioner is going to use a cooling cream or an numbing cream on the area that will be treated. The cream used is going to vary depending on the type of laser that is being used.

The technician is going to do an initial evaluation on your skin. Based on the evaluation of your skin and of your hair type, they may make some adjustments to the laser that they are going to use. They may do a couple of test spots. Once the laser is properly calibrated for both power and size as well as the frequency that’s going to be used, treatment can begin.

The treatment involves using a handheld device that emits the laser. The laser light is going to treat your hair follicles. In essence, the laser light is going to cauterize your hair follicles, inhibiting future hair growth. Most people do not experience any discomfort during the procedure, or some only experience minor discomfort. Once a procedure is complete, you can go back to your normal activities almost immediately.

The practitioner will schedule you for a follow-up treatment, and treatments will continue until you are happy with the results. The results from laser hair removal are permanent. However, you may have a few hairs pop up over the years that may require occasional touch-up treatments.

Laser hair removal is a great option for those who want to save time having to use other hair removal options. Juvanni Med Spa is happy to help you reduce your hair growth with this treatment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Yonkers!

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