Getting ready for work in the days ahead!

It’s a rainy Saturday, but some of us are getting ready for work in the days ahead. Intravenous infusions of high dose Vit C and glutathione plus some B12 and a few other minerals mixed in Normal saline can be a good source of support for our body as we fight an unseen enemy. They also help flush out the system !


How is our body any different than a car !! Even the crappiest of cars requires atleast 2 oil changes a year. A human body which is the most complex machine that we know, is given to us without a users manual !! But Let’s just learn to protect our bodies since we will be living inside it till our last breath !! I have been administering Intravenous infusions for years regularly for anti-aging. All our anti-aging infusions have immune boost (since anti-aging is not possible if one keeps getting sick) but now our covid C infusions are in great demand because they really help our wellness clients stay healthy and go to work with the satisfaction that their bodies have reserves to protect itself.

Now iv infusions are not an end in itself. You can’t be eating bullshit food loaded with preservatives and sugar and take iv to feel healthy. These infusions are only icing on the cake of wellness. Wellness is a lifestyle choice. It’s not easy and it’s not cheap and now after covid BS , it will not be convenient either.
But it will be needed more than ever.

Have a great weekend!

Monicaly look who is here! They allowed me to post their pics for you. They are safe and healthy and ready to stay that way ❤️❤️❤️

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