How to boost your immune system and anti-age after 50 with Vitamin C IV Infusions

So I received a comment today which needs a complete response! Please watch this video today where I answer this question!

1- how long does vit c last in your system if it’s water soluble? (How long does a massage last or a good night sleep last) when I say how long it’s good for , I am talking about it’s impact on us. In my experience when I give 6gm or even 3gm to someone via IV, they have immune protective and boost for 2 to 3 weeks.

2- At the sale price which ends today , my profit per IV is $30! Why is it so less? Because I wanted to give it to as many of my patients and friends as possible before the pandemic hits us. Also my prices will double in March and triple in April. We give our vitamins as preservative free and we source them from our compounding pharmacy with whom I meet and collaborate with continuously. Being an immigrant from Pakistan , I understand not only the value of money but also health.

3- None of what I say is original or new. There has been so much research on this. Vitamins are cheap, and if given appropriately they are extremely beneficial! But pharmaceutical companies don’t want cheap and effective solutions for people.

This has to change ! Vit c infusion has ZERO , pls read that again.. zero side effects. I am attaching a you tube video of Dr Marik who is one of my doctor hero super star who is responding to the vitamin c protocol !

Please make sure you watch the video till the end and don’t be lazy and stop in the middle. 

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