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It’s possible to save the day if we put our minds to it

Each time Life gave us a pause, it’s so we can gather our bearings. Thanks for making me think today, your pics made me pause! Jeremy Scott Bielawski

Pauses allow us to Look at our own selves a little more truly and embrace our existence the way it has turned out so far. This is also the time to start making changes in our daily habits if we need to improve our body’s immune status.

I started changing my habits in 2016, two years after a very important family member passed away, while still in his 50s. So even though my first pause was 2014 , it took me 2 years to start reconciling with honestly reforming and changing myself. His death had changed my life in crucial ways. Even though I didn’t experience any financial instability since being a doctor assures a stable income if you are willing to work. But I was a doctor in need for healing herself too. So it took me years to cleanse my body, my friend circles, my environment, my emotions(which are still under de & re-construction), I also changed my office space & it’s micro-environment. It surely was not easy or cheap, but as I look back today from the trenches that I built for myself, I can safely say that I am ok and ready and willing to help others too, as and when I can!

I have to thank everyone who called and texted me to find out how I am holding on. Let me inform you that even though I am personally ok, many of my closest friends and family members face critical dangers. I ask for your prayers and love 

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