Juvanni Med Spa Covid-19 Update

Following statements from government health officials Juvanni Med Spa have implemented all protocols to safeguard our clients to ensure ongoing health and wellness services!

We instituted a lot of these measures after careful study of recommendations made by global and local public health authorities (including the WHO and CDC)

Please note we have been taking extra precautions to limit the spread of COVID-19 as we continue to remain committed to the health goals of our esteemed clients.

Lemme tell you about some of the steps we are taking to ensure safety. We have been recommending these steps to all other doctor offices too.

We now offer telemedicine and zoom consultation to our clients remotely ! This way we can have an in-depth conversation and understanding of your needs and you have a sense of what it will cost before we set up your appointment!

We don’t accept walk-ins or sick visits , but our doctors and Nurse Practitioners will be able to offer you remote assistance through telemedicine and zoom! We will help with medication refills.

We will have only one front desk and one doctor and nurse, with masks and gloves will be on location. We sanitize our office space, door handles, bathroom before and after every client.

Our IV vitamin infusions are generally appropriate for all anti-aging needs and loaded with vitamins and antioxidants like vitamin C and Glutathione for people interested in boosting their immune systems. If you have never tried one before, now might be the best time to get some


Telemedicine services will be provided daily from 10 am till 6pm Monday to Saturday

Zoom online consultations with the doctor can be requested by appointment.

We offer medical Concierge services where we see only one client at a time in a fully sanitized environment by appointment only. (This is a service that we limit to our juvanni and global clients only.

To learn more, pls call or visit our website at www.juvanni.com

For more details,

Call: 914-368-6609

Text:- 914-646-2690

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