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Rebirthing your hair Pt. 2

Hair restoration

Hair restoration protocols at Juvanni, include IV vitamins’ cocktails and stem cells joined with exosomes and inserted into the correct depth of your scalp with the Microneedling Genius RF by Lutronic while transferring at least 8 to 10 joules of radio frequency to resuscitate your dying follicles! 

How to Kickoff:

This treatment needs to be started with 3 to 4 monthly playdates with me and my staff at Juvanni and maintained at every 6 months during your andro-pause and menopause years. It can be stopped when you are ready to prepare for your departure from this realm. 

Antiaging for your hair maybe of no importance for yourself but it’s super important for your dying follicles some of whom may not be prepared to depart yet.

And of course, we at Juvanni stand by your hairline; waiting to pull it a notch in your favor, should you change your mind and align with yourself! 

Hair restoration may begin as a vacation in Turkey in a fine resort where you bought yourself some new baby hair and implanted them in the frigid terrain of the foreign hair soil of your dying body. Even though you got a great deal and this transaction cost you only a few dollars your responsibility to yourself doesn’t end here, it only begins from here! 

Because now you are responsible for these new baby follicles that you adopted and they need homes with food and the love, you will let us extract from your blood cells in the form of platelet-rich plasma PRP, that will grow your stream of hair to its desired length and then keep it there till the end. 



Sofia D.

Your favorite body mechanic at Juvanni

P.S. If you have any questions, I invite you to connect with me on any of my social media sites. Please call or text 914-368-6609

Sofia Din, MD Sofia Din I have over 25 years of experience working in the healthcare industry in both Eastern and western medical systems. As an immigrant from Pakistan, my medical training has taken place across two continents, which gives me a uniquely holistic perspective while following cutting edge medical advances especially in aesthetic anti-aging. Board-certified in family medicine, and having practiced Geriatrics for almost a decade, my focus and area of passion/expertise is managing anti-aging solutions over decades for my clients. People ask me “what is anti-aging?” all the time. I tell them that it’s the proactive management of their body’s health and wellness which leads to short- and long-term anti-aging and improved quality of the resultant lifespan expansion. I have worked and trained in the rapidly evolving field of Aesthetic Anti-aging medicine over the past decade with hundreds of regular concierge clients coming for routine anti-aging treatments from across United States.

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Components Of Your Anti-aging Code

Your anti-aging code at Juvanni include: 1. Botox: Botox is a muscle relaxer that allows your doctor to help your facial muscles contract less intensely, thereby preventing the skin from forming creases that get permanently etched into it.