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Say Goodbye to Surgical Facelifts: Embrace Ultherapy at Juvanni

Ultherapy at Juvanni

Being in aesthetics for over a decade has its perks; you can claim to have seen the ebbs and flows of the emerging field of aesthetic antiaging. One tool that requires special mention is none other than Ultherapy, which disrupted the surgical market for facial aesthetic anti-aging like no other tool. When used in conjunction with Botox and appropriate fillers, it becomes a game changer; clients no longer require recurrent surgeries every 7 to 10 years to preserve the architecture of their faces.Gone are the days when our mothers and grandmothers had surgical facelifts at 50, only to need another one in 10 years! Repeat cutting and sewing made them look like tightly pulled rag dolls trying too hard to appear young... and then Ultherapy came along and showed us a way out from the surgeon’s table.However, Ultherapy is not a joke. At Juvanni, our Ultherapy protocols have evolved over the past 8 years, yielding great results year after year for pretty much all our routine clients.For more details, please visit our website. If you have any questions, I invite you to connect with me on any of my social media sites. Please call or text 914-368-6609  


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Sofia D. 

Sofia Din, MD Sofia Din I have over 25 years of experience working in the healthcare industry in both Eastern and western medical systems. As an immigrant from Pakistan, my medical training has taken place across two continents, which gives me a uniquely holistic perspective while following cutting edge medical advances especially in aesthetic anti-aging. Board-certified in family medicine, and having practiced Geriatrics for almost a decade, my focus and area of passion/expertise is managing anti-aging solutions over decades for my clients. People ask me “what is anti-aging?” all the time. I tell them that it’s the proactive management of their body’s health and wellness which leads to short- and long-term anti-aging and improved quality of the resultant lifespan expansion. I have worked and trained in the rapidly evolving field of Aesthetic Anti-aging medicine over the past decade with hundreds of regular concierge clients coming for routine anti-aging treatments from across United States.

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Components Of Your Anti-aging Code

Your anti-aging code at Juvanni include: 1. Botox: Botox is a muscle relaxer that allows your doctor to help your facial muscles contract less intensely, thereby preventing the skin from forming creases that get permanently etched into it.