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The Clearing

This New Year, I offer you a special cocktail of vitamins for your end-of-the-year cleansing of all systems. "People say most New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken. However, through this special blend of high-dose Vitamin C, glutathione, methylated B12, MIC, and some other cool preservative-free minerals like Mg, L-carnitine, etc we wish our clients a lot more perseverance and energy, liver detox, and above all Great Skin. We also have goodies to restore your hair if needed. This is our clearing before another New Year of antiaging " As we brace ourselves to start the new year amongst the various surges of viral variants, I wish every one of my clients the best of best in their anti-aging goals and journey. Remember that anti-aging is not a 100-meter dash to an illusion in your mind’s recollection of images of a past self. Anti-aging is a marathon that your body runs daily till it’s the final destination. At Juvanni people select our services because we offer clarity when it comes to how to best preserve your existence. I am grateful to all those who travel from long distances to meet me in the quest to preserve the architectures of their faces and other bodily functions as they age year after year. It’s people like you who have moved the conversation about "aging with agency" to new vistas of acceptance. The Clearing is the name I have selected for my end of the year infusion. This is not to be confused with a sale. It’s a routine infusion I give to some of my most important clients and is tailored to be a system reboot and I hope you find it useful to the max. Cheers

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Hair Is Simply An Extension Of Your Skin

As we end another week, remember that hair is simply an extension of your skin and as you go through time and your skin begins getting impacted by regular aging it will be important for you to not only preserve your skin but also your hair.

Join us for a rejuvenating experience this fall season!

Components Of Your Anti-aging Code

Your anti-aging code at Juvanni include: 1. Botox: Botox is a muscle relaxer that allows your doctor to help your facial muscles contract less intensely, thereby preventing the skin from forming creases that get permanently etched into it.