The Power of CoolSculpting

Summer is here and with it comes all the fun and activities you’ve been waiting all year for. What better time to contour your body with shapely curves by eliminating unwanted pockets of fat. Now is the perfect time to shape your body, so you’ll look shapelier while feeling more confident this summer. The power of CoolSculpting® is the fat-elimination process that begins the day you have a CoolSculpting® treatment, and you can watch it continue, so you’ll look and feel great all year long!

How Does CoolSculpting® Work?

The power of CoolSculpting® is in the freezing of stubborn fat cells in some of the most common problem areas for both men and women: the belly, love handles, under the arms, thighs, lower back and under the chin. Technology developed this amazing fat-freezing procedure, which is FDA-cleared, non-surgical and non-invasive; there is no risk associated with fat-reduction surgeries such as liposuction. Supercooling is applied with a high-tech machine that freezes the fat cells directly beneath the skin in the specified area. Thousands have experienced proven, noticeable, and lasting results that build confidence and create a shapelier body.

What Can I Expect?

When you’ve tried every diet and spent hours exercising with no results in these stubborn areas, the power of CoolSculpting® allows you to sculpt away the fat pockets and create curves. Our experienced healthcare team will be pleased to discuss with you the individual benefits you are looking for. We know everybody is unique with individual issues, so we’ll discuss the results you’d like to see and explain the treatment, which typically requires about 30 minutes for each area.

After the application, which takes place in our office with no hospital stay or downtime, most people return to work, and immediately the magic begins. As the frozen cells die, they are washed out of the body, and in as little as two weeks, the contouring can be visibly noticed. The process continues for up to three months, and many report losing from one to three sizes when they bought new clothes! A shapelier body with more curves and shape will make you feel and look your best, and after the process is finished, if you’d like more contour, you may schedule another treatment.

Get In Touch for Further Information

To learn more about CoolSculpting®, feel free to make an appointment with Juvanni Med Spa! At our convenient location in Yonkers, NY, one of our friendly and experienced doctors will be pleased to answer all your questions. It is our goal to help our patients look and feel their very best so they can enjoy all life has to offer. Contact us today to set up your consultation – we look forward to speaking with you!

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