This April Don't be a Fool

Please remember that your health, wellness and beauty are out of pocket expenses and not covered by your insurance.

Last year, around this time, Juvanni sent out a very important message to all our clients. This was a call to avoid surgical resection as the first option when considering weight loss and trying non-surgical options even though they work slower just for the sake of safety and integrity of your skin. In case you missed that message last year, I am sending it to you for consideration. "This April don't be a fool to fall for that unnecessary surgery at that hot surgeon's clinic! Did you know that cutting your skin should be the last and least desirable choice in your list of fat-reducing options! Instead, try Coolsculpting which is now proven to be the only non-surgical fat reduction treatment that gives you noticeable results. Yes, you are right, it's not magic and has to be accompanied by lifestyle changes like avoiding alcohol and sugary fried foods, etc.! This machine can be the best anti-aging partner as you erase unwanted fat and keep it away year after year. Ask us how!"  


Please remember that your health, wellness and beauty are out of pocket expenses and not covered by your insurance. 


However, if you are on any appetite suppressants just know that Coolsculpting is a very good adjunct treatment to give you superior and longer lasting results. As always, I invite any questions. Please don't forget to follow me on all of my social media accounts and I look forward to seeing you soon.  


Lots of love,  


Sofia D.  

Sofia Din, MD Sofia Din I have over 25 years of experience working in the healthcare industry in both Eastern and western medical systems. As an immigrant from Pakistan, my medical training has taken place across two continents, which gives me a uniquely holistic perspective while following cutting edge medical advances especially in aesthetic anti-aging. Board-certified in family medicine, and having practiced Geriatrics for almost a decade, my focus and area of passion/expertise is managing anti-aging solutions over decades for my clients. People ask me “what is anti-aging?” all the time. I tell them that it’s the proactive management of their body’s health and wellness which leads to short- and long-term anti-aging and improved quality of the resultant lifespan expansion. I have worked and trained in the rapidly evolving field of Aesthetic Anti-aging medicine over the past decade with hundreds of regular concierge clients coming for routine anti-aging treatments from across United States.

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