This is my little brother , a family medical doctor in Brooklyn hospital NY

He is the little son I kinda raised myself because he is the youngest of all siblings and I was an adult (mentally) when he was born !

He is a third year resident in Brooklyn hospital, NY .. but look how life has its own plans for us.

He is Ready for testing people for corona virus !!
How many patients do we send to him ? He prepared to get his masks and gear for a while because I have been going crazy OCD … for a reason.. I had been following the virus like a mother follows a lethal enemy …

In my life I have witnessed the most heartfelt prayers and most difficult goodbyes not in the airports or the churches but in my day to day routines at the hospital.
The hospital is my church !! And it is under direct attack !!

All healthcare workers must find protective gear ASAP !!

ze doesn’t drink alcohol! He stopped partying (because he was preparing for his board exams , which are now postponed! ) but is his immune system doing well???…. as residents we don’t get to sleep much or eat well or even care about our health!!!

I offered him my iv infusions but he kept getting busy at work like any other doctor!!

One day I thought I will just take a bag myself and set it up for him, but I got busy too.. I was scavenging for supplies for infusions and vitamins and setting up online courses and getting the marketing right and getting banking and financial systems in order so we are prepared for the fall.. ..

but I didn’t give infusions to my brother amongst it all !!! I forgot in the middle of caring for all my clients and friends that he needed me the most. My main responsibility remained unfinished because I was so busy looking after other people. So after my self quarantine is over, I will put on my N95 and go to Brooklyn and give my brother an infusion!
He can’t come to my house because my parents live with me and he is working with covid patients!

My infusions are designed to help myself and my baby brother fight our way through this nightmare! I have all the supplies we will need for atleast two years !!
But in the meantime let’s just chillax and enjoy weeknd’s new album .. my favorite song is “heartless” .. it calls out to my dark side !! 

Two questions:
#1 why there are so many curse words in rap music ?? Why .. ok who gives a fuck lol .. please post your favorite weeknd song in the comments below!! It will really make me feel so much better..

#2 Why are CDC guidelines changing so fast ? They need to take a deep breath, calm the fuck down and meditate and take a look at it all , all over again !! From the start ..

Yar Rasul 

I know even your program director !! She is my friend. Sherly Abraham!! Sherly is a kick ass woman !! An immigrant from India she took her USMLE exams a year ahead of me in NY , over 15 years ago !

Thanks for your services

come fucking get your IV or I am coming over after my quarantine is over!!
I want both of you to remember that I am immune compromised because I take humira for my psoriatic arthritis!!
But I am extremely healthy!! I live my life like a saint !! (Because I love my skin!! My botox lasts longer when I don’t drink alcohol, or take stress.. lol) so I will fight this nonsense not for any amount of money but for my love , my child , my friend .. my fellow colleagues who have saved my life and my soul countless countless times.


Following consultations with global and local public health authorities (including the WHO and CDC) Juvanni Med Spa have implemented all protocols to safeguard our clients to ensure ongoing services!


Please note we are taking extra precautions to limit the spread of COVID-19.


Rest assured we are still committed to providing our valued customers with ongoing services.


Learn more about treatment options during a consultation with our qualified team in NY!


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