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What Are the Benefits of Weight Loss Injections?

In general, weight loss injections come as two separate items. The first is a vitamin B12 injection of the form methylcobalamin. The second is a MIC injection. MIC stands for methionine (a type of amino acid) and the nutrient choline. Even though methylcobalamin forms of vitamin B12 injections are excellent for improving a person’s daily calorie burn, the MIC injections used in conjunction with vitamin B12 injections are like putting weight loss on steroids. However, weight loss injections come with other benefits that are also worthy of mentioning.

Increase in Energy

When it comes to increasing energy, vitamin B12 shots are a critical component to the cell’s mitochondria and its ability to create ATP. ATP is a molecule that serves as the energy molecule that the body depends on so much to feel energetic. When the mitochondria are pushed to produce more ATP, the body is able to have the energy it needs to get more done throughout the day.

Increase in Metabolism

Since the body is now creating more ATP, weight loss injections are then also responsible for an increase in basal metabolism. This means that a person will go from burning 1,400-calories each day to burning around 2,000-calories each day. This increase makes it easier to drop weight faster during rest. By adding exercise to this weight loss program, a person can effectively burn off even more calories per day. This can add up to a significant amount of weight loss over a shorter duration. As a rule of thumb, a person must burn 3500-calories in order to drop one pound of weight. So, within reason, this averages out to consistently losing around two-pounds a week. This is a healthy amount to lose per week, and it is a sustainable amount for someone who really needs to lose weight.

Liver Detoxification

An added benefit of weight loss injections is that they aid the body in maintaining a healthy liver by helping the liver to detox. The liver is overrun with the major task of eliminating all sorts of waste products from the body. Some of the components of weight loss injections help to take the burden off the liver by making its waste elimination function more efficient. This can also contribute to a better hormone balance which aids in improving a person’s weight loss goals by causing the adrenal glands to not work so hard which in turn increases thyroid function.

Improved Breathing

For a lot of people who have a vitamin B12 deficiency, weight loss injections will help with oxygen transportation throughout the body to cells and muscle tissue. This will also make it possible for many people to breathe easier as their body is able to consume more oxygen. The hemoglobin of the blood requires the cobalt contained in B12 as a means to make it possible for the blood to carry oxygen. So, when vitamin B12 levels are low, a person can develop a breathless type of feeling that is considered by many to be unpleasant. 

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