What Does FemiLift Treat?

Women’s bodies go through a lot over their lifetime. From puberty and the menstruation cycle to pregnancy, childbirth and eventually menopause, vaginal issues like dryness, laxity, and stress urinary incontinence can be difficult to talk about and even harder to live with. Luckily innovation has evolved to address these issues. Call Juvanni Med Spa in Yonkers, NY to discuss the life-changing Femilift treatment.

Why Is There a Need for Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Over one-third of women aged 40 or older are experiencing some sort of vaginal discomfort. There are several reasons a woman will decide to have this treatment.


Childbirth can affect the laxity of the vaginal tissues, resulting in reduced sexual sensation both for her and her male partner. Natural childbirth can cause stress urinary incontinence, making social situations stressful.


The plunge in our hormones after menopause is notorious for causing uncomfortable and even painful vaginal dryness. When your body can’t produce natural lubrication, sex can be so painful it’s often avoided, putting a strain on relationships and self-confidence. Women who have experienced menopause and are dealing with vaginal atrophy can have even greater symptoms.

Certain cancer treatments can trigger early menopause, which can leave much younger women with these uncomfortable symptoms.

What Is Femilift?

Femilift was created to ensure women’s unwanted vaginal symptoms could be addressed through a safe, minimally invasive and pain-free treatment that gives real results. This treatment uses Co2 laser technology to gently and safely apply heat to the vaginal tissue, triggering the body’s natural rejuvenation process.

How Does Femilift Work?

When vaginal tissue is heated, the body produces the collagen that’s been lost because of aging or hormone fluctuations. Collagen is the fibrous protein in our skin responsible for its strength and structure. This new collagen thickens, strengthens and restores elasticity to the vaginal walls, leading to less incontinence and increased sensation and function.

Femilift also increases blood flow to the vaginal system, normalizing it. This increased blood flow helps your body produce natural lubrication, easing uncomfortable and painful vaginal dryness symptoms.

What to Expect

Once you and your doctor have determined this treatment is a good solution to address your concerns, there’s no preparation for you to do. This minimally invasive treatment is designed to be stress-free.

The Treatment

When you arrive, a numbing cream may be applied to the vaginal opening to ensure your comfort. Femiliftt uses a Co2 laser probe that, after insertion, emits pulses of laser energy to heat and contract vaginal tissue. This treatment takes less than 30 minutes.


Tens of thousands of women have received this treatment. Most of them report a significant improvement in their symptoms and a remarkable difference in their vaginal functionality and sexual intimacy.

Some women may achieve the results they want after one treatment while others opt for two or three treatments. Results can last up to two years.

Call for Your Appointment

Call Juvanni Med Spa in Yonkers, NY to schedule your consultation with a member of our compassionate and experienced staff. We are committed to raising your self-confidence by increasing your overall sense of well-being.

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