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Our History

It all started as a routine Family Medicine Practice in 2009, but Juvanni Medical soon took a shape of its own as I started realizing that most of the Geriatric Clients under my care at Long term facilities or adult homes were aging badly. They lead lack luster lives with dwindling energy and battled age related diseases with unnecessary medications and poor nutritional support. Many of these people were once highly accomplished people, now functionally incarcerated. Since regular insurance companies offer no respite to clients looking for maintenance of wellness, i focused my efforts to educate people to age better. Hagar’s Foundation a 501(c)(3) started Work in 2019 to uplift Single Mothers. We used To offer pre-employment makeup, hair & interview coaching to single mothers which was designed to help them get jobs but now post COVID we are only Offering virtual medical consultations to those in need. We are accepting donations. Please donate your time and your skills.


We are a highly sophisticated Anti-aging and Weight-Management Center. We believe that most people age abnormally and healthcare is largely not directed at health and wellness. Therefore our focus is largely on wellness and healthy aging practices. (Physical and Mental) Our Skin Specialists and Doctors specialize in Customized Skin and Body Rejuvenation. We offer services ranging from mind and body transformation, Hair Restoration, PRP stem cell treatments, micro needling, lasers, Botox and filler injections, Skin tightening & IV vitamin infusions. With the addition of Hagar’s Foundation (non-profit) for Single Moms , we are shifting our focus to extending wellness to a segment of our society that we consider vulnerable. Our consultation is free of charge. We invite our clients to sponsor our efforts to help out Single moms and their struggling kids. To find out how you can help, pls visit our website or call our office.