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Juvanni Before and after Hair Restoration


Laser Hair Restoration with PRP stem cells: 

Hair Loss, whether male pattern due to genes, or female pattern due to aging hormones and stress, can be a painful journey. There is no single treatment that can claim to be the final answer. Even if you go and get a hair transplant, it will still need maintenance year after year. 
At Juvanni we offer combination treatments for hair restoration that work like a charm on both men and women! My PRP hair restoration protocols have had several upgrades thereby improving results in earlier stages of hair loss. We recommend packages of 3 to 5 sessions that include Iv vitamins, laser treatments and stem cell injections every 6 weeks alongside customized topical potions. The number of treatments depend on your general health and the amount of hair loss you are experiencing. 

Hair restoration is a 4 session multi-dimensional protocol including: 
- PRP Stem Cells 
- IV Vitamin Therapy 
- Microneedling RF 
This combination of protocols not only improves the girth and circumference of your existing hair follicles but also provides support and nourishment to your newer and weaker follicles. 
The result is improved hair! 


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