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Juvanni Med Spa®

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”- Gandhi

We are converting our medical and wellness practices to a philanthropic organization by becoming 100% non for profit. Our focus will be to provide mental, physical and financial literacy workshops and services to Single mothers and their struggling children. We will cater these services to everyone, but our charitable focus will be the single mother and her children whom we consider a vulnerable segment of society. In our opinion, women facing the daily challenges of single-parenting, and struggling children and young adults are at severe risk of falling into poverty and poor health. Many feel alone in their struggles, and traditional medical care often fails to provide the full range of services they need. As the CEO of Juvanni, I have been a single mother myself, and I have a beautiful daughter who struggles with the routine trials and tribulations of young adulthood. I was extremely fortunate to have been blessed with skills and professional success that have allowed me to not only help myself and my daughter but also countless others over a period of many years.

Over the last ten years I have founded, run and managed two Medical Offices; I also have been a Medical Director for a Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center for 6 years, and I served on the hospital board of St Johns Riverside as a delegate for two years. Taking care of acutely sick people, I soon came to realize that healthcare in the United States only covers sickness rather than preventive care and the promotion of total well-being. It became imperative for me to learn and create a business that answers this need by helping people to live their lives with more energy, more confidence, more meaning and more health. In other words, more of what a life well lived should feel and look like. Juvanni is turning nonprofit so we can focus on providing our services to clients who can’t afford us at all or only at a very reduced cost. This way we can encourage Aging with Youthfulness for many more people! Spreading access to anti-aging with our full range of services, especially to single mothers and children, is my way of offering gratitude to the universe for being so good to me whenever I needed it in my personal struggles through life’s journey.

We already routinely offer gratitude to all mothers through our “Juvanni Mommy Packages” which are designed to allow them to not only feel better about themselves, but also to create an ongoing healthy lifestyle for themselves first and then extend it to their children. We plan to start Summer Life Starter coaching services for young adults “Juvanni Millennials” designed to offer young adults, skills that are often not taught in high schools or colleges, like healthy eating habits, meditation, financial literacy, and emotional perseverance skills.
The Mission of Juvanni Med Spa®

Why should you come to Juvanni Med Spa®?

If you Use Botox, fillers Coolsculpting, lasers, facials, or other Medical Spa services, please consider doing it with us. Not only do we offer you great prices and superior service, but your patronage will help us support Juvanni’s mission to spread access to Essential mental and physical wellness services to Single Moms and their kids.

How can you help?

Consider donating to one of our programs for single mothers or children

• Sponsor an energy Iv vitamin therapy for a single mom
• Sponsor a meditation training
• Sponsor a financial literacy workshop for a mom or her child
• Sponsor a massage or facial for a single mother
• Sponsor an emotional training workshop for mother and her child

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