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Experience body transformation services with FDA cleared and non-surgically and minimally invasive procedures with little to no downtime. If you’re experiencing the signs of aging that include lax skin and lines and wrinkles, a PDO thread lift is right for you. At Juvanni MedSpa in Yonkers, New York, Sofia Din, MD, provides this minimally invasive alternative to painful surgery to lift and tighten aging skin. Call today to find out how a PDO thread lift can revolutionize your look, or book an appointment online.

PDO Thread Lift Q&A

What is a PDO thread lift?

A PDO thread lift effectively lifts and tightens sagging skin on just about anywhere on the body. It involves the injection of surgical-grade threads, known as polydioxanone threads, into the deeper layers of your skin. The threads lift lax tissue immediately and stimulate collagen production to create long-term change.

Why should I consider a PDO thread lift?

A PDO thread lift offers dramatic facial rejuvenation results, but is minimally invasive, so it involves no sutures, incisions, or blood loss. A single treatment can bring results that last between two and three years.

You experience:

  • Visible skin lifting in minutes
  • Collagen stimulation and blood vessel enhancement to improve skin elasticity and texture
  • Tighter skin as a result of contracted fat tissue

The threads create an immediate lifting impact and with time, even as the threads dissolve, collagen forms around them to impart lasting change in your skin’s resiliency.

What skin complaints benefit from PDO thread lifts?

A PDO thread lift effectively sets back the signs of aging. Dr. Din may recommend the procedure to address:

  • Slack neck tissue
  • Creases around and under the eyes
  • Sagging jowls and jawline
  • Sunken, lax tissue in your cheeks

PDO thread lifts are also effective when it comes to reducing the appearance of stubborn facial wrinkles that form around the eyes (crow’s feet), nasolabial folds, and lines around the mouth.

When are the results of a PDO thread lift noticeable?

You see a change in your skin’s firmness instantly as the injected threads lift and raise lax skin. Your skin’s appearance continues to improve for another four to six months as your body produces more collagen in treated areas.

The results last 12-24 months, depending on your age, your skin type, and how you respond to the treatment.

What happens during a PDO thread lift?

Prior to the PDO thread lift, Dr. Din administers a local anesthetic to reduce any discomfort. She then injects the PDO threads into predetermined treatment areas. The threads are so tiny, they’re invisible to the eye, but effective in lifting the skin. The entire procedure takes 15-30 minutes, depending on the extent of your treatment.

To experience the tightening effects of a PDO thread lift for yourself, call Juvanni MedSpa, or book an appointment using the online tool.


** individual results may vary